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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 10, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>watching kron 4 news at 10. >>another american has tested positive for the corona virus and has been isolated at a hospital in san dio. thank you for joining us tonight i'm pam moore and i'm grant lotus in tonight for ken wayne, a person with direct knowledge of the matter says the patient is an adult who arrived marine corps air station miramar last week from wuhan china. several other people on the same flight were also hospitalized for observation but many of them have been cleared and released. this latest case
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means there now 13 people with the virus in the us 6 of them are in california to santa clara county today, the county supervisors extended a loc health emergency because of the corona virus. the county first made a seven-day that liberation that was last week but in a report today to the board the county health officer doctor sara cody says in part the virus is considered a serious public health threat because much is unknown the declaration and the proclamation do not signify any particular increase in risk to the residents of santa clara county but. >>they do enable the county to more effectively respond to the outbreak c can utilize mutual aid, potentially a pain reimbursement and ensure that the county's public health professionals have all necessary tools at their disposal to keep the community safe. today's board vote extended the local health emergency through march 11th.
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>>and as concerns about the corona virus are growing across the bay area tourism and business in san francisco is starting to slow down a bit for sale of the psac ii talk to people a tourist hot spots and business leaders in the city she joins us. >>live now with the very latest taylor. >>it tells of seeing cancellations in the last few weeks with people either in down coming in from the asian from china specifically kevin carroll is the president and ceo of the hotel council of san francisco. he says hotel tywide saw a dip in business. >>after ailines pas travel between the us and china because of the corona virus in some states in the hotel they spend money outside the hotel as well so one our roomare for often are rooms that's impacting small businesses around them as well including restaurants like swan oyster depot canceled. >>it's hurt is boy brian dwyer says many of their customers are also visitors from china the last couple weeks,
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especially during the middle of the week tuesday wednesday thursday. lines have been dying earlier than normal. generally we stay busy until about 4.30 during those days. early line after tourism spots like pier 39 are feeling the effects as well. a spokesperson says restaunts are experiencing fewer walk ins and morela minute cancellations by tour groups fog harbor fish else on the pierce i 5% decline in restaurant walk ins and we'll buy increase for some businesseand hotels motels are concerned and we want to make sure thatwe do everything we can to. >>protect our visitors and our employees by the end of the week, san francisco intertional airport will suspend 77% of all of its flights to and from china overall that's 1.5% less flights at sfo in a 2.7% reduction in the number of seats serving the airport. >>and the corona virus is now responsible for more than 1000
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deaths in china, this is no video from inside a hospital in wuhan lot of course is the center of the outbreak for the first time today china reported more than 100 deaths in single day 42,638 people are infected. stay with kron four's we continue our coverage of the corona virus. we will keep you posted on the latest updates and the best ways to protect yourse. we have the very latest on our website at kron 4 dot com just look for the corona virus tab under news other news now you may have seen one of these videos on social media, they. >>show people illegally hopping on to the hawks say of the san francisco, muni tins and then. hitching a ride people can't believe that people on board people not on board kron four's dan thorn reached out to muni officials and spoke with riders about this new spectacle, he joins us live in the city. then this seems crazy. >>thats the sfmta says that
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and other videos that are out there right now circulating on twitter and on facebook and on tick tock they're condemning these acts they're saying that they are dangerous but some union writers that we spoke with tonight say maybe they should do something about it. >>videos of a man illegally hitching a ride on an trainer, turning heads and raising red flags about safety. second angle showing a man wearing a backpack seemingly carefree and as a way to some riders inside are heard laughing, but others say this behavior is not funny, it's crazy, i can't believe people are so reckless eric mock he says he uses muni to get around the city every day he thinks people who do this should understand how dangerousit is and how badly an accident may hurt not only themselves but other riders. >>i think we'll all be disrupted get some up ahead
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probably in life support somewhere this wasn't the only time you the surfing has been caught on camera anothervideo shows a man with a skateboard having fun and bopping along near 17th street. >>muni writer munir tr says that he's not surprised to see it, i'm not shocked. we are things in some cases the muni trains might be to fall and some ople could be desperate to get a ride munition prime t in more chain so people don't think that they need that they have the need to jump on the back. spokesperson for sfmta which oversees muni tells kron 4 news that train hopping is illegal and dangerous the agency is right now exploring options to raise awareness to keep this from happening to you can't regulate stupidity but i think you know just that a little common sense. all of us can go a long y. the sfmta would
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not comment further on what those safety options might be some riders tell us that they believe that. >>some of the stunts are simply just a result of people trying to become famous on social media, reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >>thank you dan, another big story 2 trees fell down on the power lines yesterday cutting off power to more than 6300 customers alameda county public works. remove the trees while pg e crews repaired the downed power lines and take a look at this yesterday strong winds shattered a window on the 41th floor of the troubled millennium tower in san francisco, nobody was injured the city's department of building inspection. they were on scene both yesterday and today they say they have requested an engineering report from the building's management. >>a spokesperson for the millennium tower homeowners association says the window broke because the resident had left it opn. the tower is
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already notorious of course for its architectural sues. it is said to be sinking and it leans now nearly a foot and a half an inch an eerie fix for those problems are expected to get under way sometime this year. whether time now our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us a lot of those issues of course. >>because you have to wait the all that when with her out and now the right notes things have calmed down quite a bit but likely going to pick up a little bit overnight tonight least in the north bay but around the bay area to oh boy the past 24 hours that was something else how about a wind gust of almost 90 miles per hour sam alina that's impressive now coming up in the santa cruz mountains 80 mile an hour gust. >>in the oakland hills lot of folks live there 62 mile an hour gust. now tim 49 miles per hour oakland right at the airport 54 miles per hour and half moon bay, 48 miles per gusts like that all around the bay area's numerous people reporting tree limbs downed trees coming down debris in the roads fences coming down
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you name it was a mass all cause high pressure air building in behind that low that drop right to the south and the southern califonia and the pressure difference between the 2 really kicking up the winds and that's where we're at tonight looks like that low is beginning to move a little further away, but it's still close enough to cause so of the wind so we're seeing some of that mainly over the north bay hills into the rest the y area fairly calm out there, but the winds begin to pick up again they will do so overnight tonight so yeah we're going to see some of those gusts again and you can see the colors there showing up in the red may be a little few shows so maybe some 40 plus mile an hour gusts, maybe even 50 across some of the peaks there overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. and then as we head to the middle of the day things begin to calm down you can see that all acss the board but still that offshore wind continuing but the winds start to subside somewhat and by the afternoon. i think really most of this comes to an end so certainly that's some good news th was quite a wind event the wind advisory still in effect in the north bay throughout the night tonight until 11 o'clock tomorrow morning mainly over the mountain tops above about a 1000 feet or so rest the bay
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area that we enjoy sunshine as the wind calmed down what a day it was today, 71 degrees today, well above the average for this time of year san francisco, 70 in oakland 72 in san jose 71 in livermore 74 degrees in concord and look at that and santa osa 19 degrees above the average at 79 degrees simply amazing but we found temperatures like that all around the bay area 76 in napa 78 nevado 70 in fremont 72 in redwood city 74 in a word, 71 degrees in antioch 71. in blay on boy just beautiful weather all the way to the coastline but not what we're really looking for this f% time of year we love to get that rain go on right now don't see that happening clear skies out there for tonight, they'll stay clear all night long as high pressure sits overhead and that dome boy just does not want to eak down you'll see the storms roll over the top of that from time to time bring us a couple clouds as they sweep by high pressure them bills right behind it we're going to see those breezy wind events this reminds me more something like
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we may see as we transition this spring, maybe late in march, but we don't like to see that the middle of february right in the heart of our rainy season. so i mean look at the tenet am are trying to crank up some rain here we're keeping our fingers crossed doesn't look promising we'll see if we can find some coming a few minutes. thank you. the >>has stepped down as san francisco's public works director mayor breed announcing new ruse resignation today, she said she placed him on lve the moment, he was arrested and appointed an acting director, new was a arrested and charged with public corruption along with the owner of dole's nick bovis breed says she will continue to suport the feds investigation and the department will move forward. the public works department will under new leadership, san francisco police the fbi and the district attorney's office are all investigating a shooting in san francisco's haight-ashbury district it happened about 11 30 saturday night,the fbi says an
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off-duty federal agent shot another man sending that victim to a hospital with non life threatening injuries. >>the fbi's san francisco released this statement in response it reads the fbi takes any shooting incident involving our agents are task force member seriously in accordance with the fbi policy, the shooting incident is under investigation by the fbi's inspection division as this investigation is ongoing we cannot provide any additional information at this time, a california highway patrol officer is charged with 3 felony counts of unlawful intercourse with a minor the alameda county district attorney's office announced the charges today against 34 year-old brian watkins of freeman police say ty've been investigating walk ins after receiving a report about his alleged involvement with the te girl last july police say they met walk ins with the teen within the city of fremont not while he was on duty. >>the delay, a man arrested in connection to last month's
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vehicle burglary. also now faces gun charges for later police say they arrested 21 year-old max richards last week after identifying him as the suspect in january's vehicle burglary at black bear diner. investigators searched richard's home and vanessa street they say they found loaded sure barrel assault rifle loaded handgun, various calibers of ammo and several high capacity magazines. in san mateo police say this man 24 year-old ryan toll reportedly climbed into an enclosed patio and broke into an apartment just before 11 o'clock this morning officers quickly surrounded the area and arrested him as they say he was walking out of the apartment with electronics in hand. >>happening now bar ambassadors are now patrolling trains and platforms it's all aimed at improving riders safety 10 new bart ambassadors started today kron 4 so well bellow reports. >>i mean to go bad.
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>>a pleasant surprise for bart riders monday as the agency released its new ambassador team out onto the trains is something that our writers have been asking for this. >>something that we're going to use to supplement the additional told officers that we currently have on the trains during this pilot program the 10 uniformed ambassadors will patrol trains and platforms in pairs 7 days a week. >>riders will see them on the more heavily traveled routes like the corridor from 12th street in oaand to civic center stations as night falls they'll also right to the end of the lines as well i never thought of that would be for major people would warn me you know we care for your head are jessica p a second just moved to the bay area a month ago and already has seen her fair share of bad behavior. >>people are really ways to terrorism and shooting time. >>shields the extra presence
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will make her future rides a little more comfortable any going to ab end of our i say 10 ambassadors worked previously in the bart system has community service officers and have since been further trained on de escalation and anti bias tactics i think the fact that will be riding the trains it be more visible haven't high visibility on a trainatrolling it kind of the escalating situation is where we don't necessarily have to call the police and just educate in give people resours th we have i think that's the best way they will be able to impact the community now this is a 6 month pilot program meaning by august they will decide whether or not to continue on with bart says they will continue to speak with writers to get their feedback on how these ambassadors are doing in oakland know al bello kron 4 news. >>new train schedules are now it affects aimed at improving service some lines will see
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earlier trains. others will start a little bit later other significant changes include having more trains going into san francisco every sunday and there will a new fleet of trains added on saturday as you can find a breakdown of all thehanges on our website kron 4 dot com. >>growing opposition against air bnb sites and residential neighborhoods may force another city in california to crack down on those short term rental recent protests in the south davis neighborhood tk place lonnie wong reports. >>this residential neighborhood in south davis seems quiet enough, but asked neighbors, what it's like living in this house, the one as an air bnb it's like living next to a motel, jack clark has lived in this call this after 36 years homeowners he can deal with it a neighborly way but different strange is checking in and out at this air bnb 3 units is a no go constant to slamming of car dos and the range people.
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almost daily basis pictures show what it's like in a cul de sac with limited parking moving vans on the curb along with cars blocking driveways so you don't know what to expect neighbor. carlos martinez says noise from guess in the house's patio is an issue that didn't exist with former ongtime renters and the police have been here twice in recent weeks for disturbances to have this type of activity cycle. another big concern for homeowners that live in this davis neighborhood is what's happened another air b and b's in e region last ar there were 2 killings air bnb is in north highlands and fair oaks more recently 5 people were killed at an air bnb gathering in orinda lately what's been happening in the wind and all these other places to you just don't the city initially had a hands off policy to encourage the establishment of air bnb he's more recently it's collected in occupancy tax from air bnb to the tune of $185,000 a year. now the city council is being asked whether wants to
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set rules restricting the number of guests with a member of days an air bnb can operate require voters to live on site or even banning them from residential neighborhoods all together like other cities have done get a handle on this before something really bad happens. the city council can also do nothing and try to enforce current nuisance ordinces. >>that was lonnie wong reporting homeowner ruledo ban rentals in that neighborhood but the city does not enforce phone neighrs say the city told them that they would have to hire in the tourney too. pay out of their pockets and try to get the rules in force thatay. >>well what is take a look at the us are any of these tools you over police say they're looking for the owners of $12,000 worth of stolen construction equipment how all of this was found a head was a heartbreaking post thanks to vanessa bryant on instagram how she says she's struggling to deal with the loss of her husband koby and daughter jiang and a san francisco home featured in a hit sitcom full house is up for sale agai
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growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors. and now we have to deal with this. climate change is an emergcy. that's why i wrote the nation most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we canave the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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while the middle-class continues to strgle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded by the working peoe of this country, and those are the people that i will reesent. no more tax brea for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 million good we arepayingobs guarantee heto save thislanet.eople i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for allf us, not just wealthy campaign coributors. >>well one of the most seen homes in television history could be yours if you have several million dollar of course this victorian was featured has. >>the tanner family home in the sitcom full house is up for sale again priced at million that is down actually from an original sking price
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of $6 million the four-bedroom four-bathroom home was built in 18 83, but the sellers to say it has a complete 21th century make over last another of san francisco's painted ladies in the alamo square neighborhood sold for million that home was listed in january. >>take a look at this city one of nasa's wind tunnel facilities in mountain view. the 9 by 7 foot tunnel will be used to test the new space launch system. those are rocks that nasa hopes will carry astronauts rockets and equipment to the moon mars and government announced a nearly $3 billion budget boost for nasa, the goal is to help the space agency send astronauts back to the moon within 4 years. >>coming up no charges fid over this scuffle at the nba championship game but the east bay sheriff deputy involved says he's not letting go of what happened the legal
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action. he say came against the president of the toronto raptors. >>plus people have already voted in new hampshire tonight that primary technically tomorrow. but these 2 candidates want to redo in iowa. what both campaigns are now calling for. and we've got clear skies now still a bit windy and spots will we see some rain in the next 10 days when mike first became mayor,
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there were places where black and brown chilen hadn't received an education for 30 years. mike said, "those are the kids i want to give an opportunity". increas teacher's salaries. he increased the graduation rates by 40%. he made schools safer all over this country.
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children aren't getting a quality education. mike is going to fight for all the children. i saw him do it in the largest school system america. he's going to do the same thing in this country. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>police in oakland, they're trying to track down the owners of a whole lot of tools last week in office arrested a man who they say was found slumped over the wheel of a stolen car its engine still running yeah and inside that car police found thousands of dollars worth of stolen equipment kron ur's michelle kingston got a closer look at the tools and the car today. >>it all started on the 2200 block of 89th avenue in oakland last wednesday poli say a man was sitting in a stolen vehicle his foot on the brake. the car in drive he was slumped over the wheel with a handgun in his lap. officers surrounded the white sedan trying to prevent the man from driving away when he woke up. >>woke up. and he disobeyed her commands we continue the given command, multiple times, the >>instead the man rammed into the police cruisers and was able to flee ficers chased him until the wheels of his car fell off and 73th avenue in stanley and roastery we
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gave him again. >>the chances to surrender which point he did. we were able to take safe and taken into custody further incident which coulhave escalated. >>the man in the vehicle was arrested and chaed with burglary drug possession of aiding police officers firearm related offenses and possession of stolen property, not just the vehicle, but all of this policesay about $12,000 worth of industrial cotruction equipment was stuffed insie the car. some of the tools are labeled with names snobe hot in abraham beal police are lookng for the owners of all of this equipment, hoping they come forward and get their tools back the investigation continues in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news alameda county sheriff's deputy is suing the president of the toronto raptors over a scuffle that happened last year in oakland, this is from. >>last year in this video in the raptors had just won the nba championship over the
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warriors sheriff's deputy allen stricklin claim c stops raptors president ujiri who you see there in the suit being held stop them from going on to the court because he didn't provide the op credentials that led to a shoving match. according to stricklin in strickland says year you had him in the face and chest with both fists causing physical mental emotional and economic injuries. the suit is seeking at least $75,000 in damages. a statement from the raptors says strickland's claims are baseless and witht met. in october prosecutors decided not to file charges against a 16 year-old is charged with attacking a police officer in fremont police say they found the teen early yesterday morning driving the car that was linked to a felony theft. >>officers say when they stoppedthe team and held him at gunpoint the teen ram, the officers patrol car androve away after a high speed chase a teen crashed into another vehicle and caused it to flip
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over. according to officials the 16 ar-old now faces several charges, including felony assault and reckless evasion police say the suspect also has 2 active warrants out of san francisco county for robbery. the california departent of justice is investigating los angeles police for. >>miss ndling gang tourney general javier becerra announced today that the department will audit of the lapd's juice of a database called. >>kale gang this comes a month ter la police said the department is investigating at least 20 officers for costly identify people as gang members. the city's police chief says at least one officer will be fired. the gang database is supposed to share information about gang affiliations federal officials point out it only as good as a dad, a police put into it. the state's department of justice will audit how lapd officers use cal gang review
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new policies to improve accountability and oversee retraining. yesterday's powerful winds left thousands of people without electricity and downed trees and power lines all across the bay area as a mess today, one of the hardest spots was the. >>loss per seat this golf course in livermore hit hard there could force air so shows us. >>it could take a month to clean that place up. >>well this should give you an idea of how extensive the damage was i'm 6 foot 5. and these routes tower over me these are routesthat were literally ripped right out of the ground when the wind blew over this tree, a tree that is still laying on the ground on this golf course in alongside interstate 5.80 is one of 4 trees, laying on this golf course as i speak. >>extensive damage to the last post seat as golf course in livermore during sunday's wind event winds that blew trees and branches the ground
10:31 pm
during the first for the morning and during the midday, it was as we drove the course on monday we did not have to go far to see the downed trees and branches. >>in fact this video from darwin clark shows his friend hitting the golf ball towards the green then as he pans back you can see a tree falling to the ground dust for up to 5060 miles an hour it easy for us to come back a big any put 60 foot tree. >>smolen towards us on the 13th tee bo we changed we changed our boat a little bit after that one, but i will say we did i y not be safe to >>as to the xtent of the damage that 4 of the biggest ones on the core ski mountain saying at least like between 7.10 other and then in size trees went down and then of
10:32 pm
course you have i don't know how many but in last count of the branches and the very tiny trees that wind out while golfers were bak on the course monday. >>crews say it could take up to a month tono only finish the cleanup. but then plant new trees so i've seen some other extreme elements out here like but i've ner seen it where there was nothing else like no other rain no other. >>and i don't know wasn't even like that holds honest it was just at when was coming off of high-pressure system i guess they call hit us harsh probably the least intelligent round i played. >>i played inhale i when lightning was probably a little bit too close. to continue. thomas played around. that's chump want from our calls from the course wood possibly falling debris. i'm just glad and thankful that no
10:33 pm
one did get home. the next time you're playing around in highwell think twice. >>and out here along the golf course you can see this tree is still just laying here it is going to take some time to clean up one of 4 trees massive trees that needs to be cleaned off of this golf course golf though is still happening here one of the pros at this location in livermore actually told me there was another golf course in san leandro. 30 trees that went down so golf courses all over the regin are being affected here. rjr stone kron 4 news. >>powerful winds also slammed parts of europe over the weekend. this is dashcam footage on a bridge in denmark. strong winds flipped over a camper right there. it's in the middle of traffic >>this is the damage done by
10:34 pm
the weather in brussels belgium. you can see signs faen onto roadways storm responsible for at least 6 deaths throughout europe, it cut power to more than 500,000 homes and businesses and grounded more than 100 flights bringing travel to a standstill. but it did help a british airways plane to make the fastest ever fly from new york to london that trip clocked in at 4 hours 56 >>call around 5 hours. the average flight between those 2 cities. it's 7 hours pretty amazing is how much is like. >>curious what th does to the plano mean i guess it's like that's why can hear. i love is ok well i know that turn out to our local weather as a wind-aided karnow is we still need some rain around
10:35 pm
the i know the winds. the big story lines but it seems so dry now be on that certainly get to be concern our rain amounts running about 40 to 50% of nothing we can catch or. >>get close we get a couple of storms the good old pineapple express we get things going hurry. >>right now this what we're looking at huge dome of high pressure sitting over head right now you see along the west coast all in california that are low pressure actually did bring a few showers in the southern california but misd us entirely we just got the win from right now on the long-range forecast you can see right here that rid holds in place we've got a couple of systems that want to drop over the top of that another will make it to pass as we get to wednesday there it goes bring with it maybe a few high clouds but again not much in the way of rain least no rain for the baarea and then it will help to kick up the winds probably a breezy day and afternoon on wednesday, then another one kicks in looks little promising runs and that ridge again falls apart never to bring any rain force and another one as we get into saturday into sunday that one moving through again falling apart. i think again maybe
10:36 pm
some more windy conditions as we get into sunday as well that continue to just play out as that don't just continues to rebuild it will start to weaken some of these systems move overhead and then rebuild once again behind us so we need an entire really change in the pattern here toget things go on right now i don't see that happening, although in the long range you can see that following thursday, this looks a little more promising that that is so far on the forecast heart itself an election which are or not so that being said, here's what we're going to deal with over the next 10 days the next few almost spring-like weather for the next yoas well, even wednesday, we'll start to cool down these temperatures running above average. a few more clouds coming our way getting a little breezy as we get into friday and probably on sunday as well valentine's day now looks try were last week it looked like it might be a little bit wet. right now looks like we're staying dry for at least the next 10 days. but a large flaring at the chevron refinery prompted evacuations earlier today we have video showing the thick black smoke that was visible from 5 80 in e richmond area. >>officials said the flaring
10:37 pm
was first reported at 04:24am and then second flaring event was reportedaround 9 45 this morning when the unit was being restarted. officials said the problem has been identified in. crew's been working to fix it. the contra costa. health office says they have found no evidence that there are negative health effects because of the flare it. >>in national news on the night before tuesday's new hampshire primary the chos pond by the iowa caucuses last week continues to boil over 2 candidates have now requested. >>a partial recanvass andy rose reports. >>we received to requests for limited scope 3 can this the sanders and buttigieg campaigns are officially calling for a partial recanvass in iowa, a total of 143 precincts there within the next 48 hours. >>the iowa democratic party will return assessment and description of next steps to each respective campaign that
10:38 pm
made a request to close call in iowa buttigieg leading sanders by just a 10th of a point has triggered major mudslinging between the 2 candidates, both claimed victory before all the results were in and now the 2 have each other in their crosshairs. >>getting to >>it cannot risk alienating americanat this critical moment and that's where i part sanders but will a recanvass change anything the sanders campaign said in a statement they don't expected to change the results but say quote it is a necessary part of making sure iowans can trust the final results of the caucus, this was not the caucus that the hundreds of thousands of iowa, democrats deserves. and as i saida week ago. apologize deeply for this andy
10:39 pm
rose kron 4 news. >>a new national poll shows bernie sanders is the most popular candidate among democratic voters, this isn't new quinnipiac university national poll came out today shows senator saers at the top with 25% of the support among democratic voters that is 4 points higher than late last month former vice president joe biden coming in second with 17%, michael bloomberg is 3rd with 15%. senator elizabeth warren close behd at 14% and mayor pete buttigieg as 10% senator amy klobuchar are has just 4% of the support. bloomberg is calling california a state to follow when it comes to immigration policy democratic presidential candidate unveiled his immigration plans today he says that he wants to roll back trump administration. >>travel ban on muslims and stop funding e wall at the u s mexico border, he's promising to address the
10:40 pm
immigration and naturalization backlog which currently has more than 1 million cases pending. his plan also opens up citizenship opportunities for immigrants who start sinesses graduate with degrees in advanced stem fields and who are doctors and nurses. california faces yet another legal battle against the trump administration today, the justice department filed 3 lawsuits against local nd state regulations which limit cooperation in the federal migration enforcement, the lawsuits target california new jersey and washington state and attorneys general william barr warns more lawsuits are coming. >>we are reviewing the actions of certain district attorneys. who have adopted policies of charging foreign nationals. with lesser offenses for the express purpose of avoiding the federal immigration consequences. of those nationals criminal conduct. in
10:41 pm
pursuing their personal ambition and miuided notions of equal justice. these dick's district attorneys are systematically violating the rule of law. may even be unlawfully discriminating against american citizens. >>president trump has long criticized sanctuy cities and states and in fact did so during the state of the union address but barr's announcement appears to be part of a concerted effort to ramp up pressure on them. >>the knesset bryant expressed grief andanger in an instagram post today is she tries to cope with e deaths of her husband and their daughter. she says she refuses to accept that both koby and gigi are gone, but she also says she realizes she has to remain strong for her 3 surviving daughters and that she knows whatshe's feeling is normal in part of the grieving process. she annoced last week that a celebration of life for koby john a and the 7 other people
10:42 pm
who died will be held february 24th at staples center. today there is a public memorial in anaheim for 3 members killed in that 3 family members who are in the chopper. john altobelli was a baseball coach at orange coast college for nearly 30 years during his tenure there. he was considered a father figure for many of the players at the college. >>i mean obviously the guys been there for 28 years so every time you look down the dugout he's been the face that you've seen him now when you show up every day. he's he's not there. and that's kind of harsh part you know i agree use to him being there for the last 7 years and i mean our for our sophomores you know they've seen in in that diet every day and and the hardest part is just knowing that he won't be there again. >>they all to belize where flying to a basketball game when the helicopter they were in crashed last month. alyssa played on the basketball team with colby's daughter gianna. >>and tonight we're seeing new video of what is believed to be kobe bryant's helicopter
10:43 pm
crash site mountain biker michael dyer shot this video moments after the helicopter went down on january 26. he told bike magazine the chopper was going very fast and flying very low dyer says it look like it was no more than 50 feet above his head. investigators believe poor weather conditions and pilot ara of the likely causes of the crash. but the final determination won't come until the ntsb releases its final report and that's expected in several months. ahead tonight, a start up collects billions of images from sites like. >>facebook and twitter and google to use in his facial recognition system how the company is defending this controversial technology which as many of the tech giant's raising privacy concerns and in sports 80's back $100 returns to the bay area, but this time. >>these on the other team are carpenters here th that free game tributes. highl tom: my mom always told me
10:44 pm
actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fiting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need acti.
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10:46 pm
>>startup called clearview ai is triggering fears about how far facial recognition technology can actually go start up developed an app that can find your face online almost instntly even if you delete photographs or change your ivacy settings reporter donie o'sullivan tested it out.
10:47 pm
>>oh my god or look like >>that's my face or a photo i haven't seen seconds by the facial recognition. thir view is basically a search engine. billions ofimages from sites d likefacebook twitter the use of facial recognition system claims more than 600 law enforcement agencies in the us and canada are using as though it's unclear how many have actually paid for are the stuff that photo me from cnn dot >>we're saying see pictures of that are not from that original this is from the medium tech giants aren't happy about this. they say it violates their terms of service and at ascend cease and desist letters this ai technology is looking at but it's looking a unique features solar's to ignore things a
10:48 pm
little bit like to be aired and feed in progress in the features a stay the same people's find this creepy. i can understand people having concerns around privacy so the first rt to remember that it's only publicly available information we're not just making technology for its own sake, the reason a purpose. we found is to really help law enfcement solve crime. >>i was deeply disrbed i w concerned about. how clear view had amassed its database of images most concerned about its data ivacy and i was concerned that it was tracking law enforcement searches be concerned about takinitto powerful is that out of the hands of law enforcement official recognition tool can be used properly if we understand how the databases or fairview claims that app is 99% the crane that cnn hasn't verified see you think this is an area that should be yeah, absolutely i don't think regulations and that thing and we want to work with the government to create something that is a safer understandable and keeps you know the whole public unease.
10:49 pm
>>scare get your attention on the assault and with that report social media companies are asking clearview to stop downloading photos from their platforms but it is not clear if they have any power to actually stop the company from doing so here in the bay area, san francisco and oakland banned the use of facial recognition technology. >>they are 2 of just 3 cities in the entire country to do so. >>time now you buy been a making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>it was really nice to see it with ella back in the bay area yeah, andre is another team, but he always have a home here in the bay and i probably of his jersey up in the rafters someday oh absolutely and tonight we had a a trip down mery lane. if you will recounting all the great glorious rriors moments here especially with on drink, a dollar everyone is happy to see him one of the all time
10:50 pm
great warriors and tonight $100 playing against the warriors for the first time since 2013, the 2015 finals mvp with some pre game remarks let's take a listen. what he gave us it's good to have you back straight. >>wait to see your jersey our brothers in the back next year. >>very very cool everyone happy to see one of the all-time greats, joe lake of steph curry all enjoying the return of their o friend out of the game golden state road by 20 at the break. the new guy andrew wiggins three-ball warriors with a rally to get within 5 big 3rd quarter. they could allah score 2 points in 17 minutes on this play right here. throws it down now not big numbers but the usual big impact plus 25 for the he when
10:51 pm
he was on the floor, then jimmy butler putting it away in the 4th gets the friendly roll. jimmy buckets, 21 points 10 rebounds and it was all hugs for andre after the game as his feet when one 13 1 oh one golden state now guaranteed a losing season for the first time since 2011. but now more self or maybe dolla he met with the media pre game talking about how he still has ba area roots in the form of an office for his off-court >>we bought a certain type of spirit, a certain type of a community around really special so always try to embrace it always shown or interact, offices ire of the block. every time off to work walking to work. people were kind of late we're now that they've seen you every day. but just trying to interact with everybody in his in the last 5, 6, years really special. >>the warriors visit phoenix wednesday, their final game bere the all-star break out of some hockey, the sharks with a chance to win 3 in a row for the first time in 2 months timo meier in the shark
10:52 pm
east most of the flames of a tank calgary got right to it already to nothing in the first period is akron, although swoops in 3 flames goals in the first 10 minutes the second stanza first shark settle down. brent burns, what a play here if the feed from my are teeing off from way back slaps in the power play goal, san jose makes it a 3 to game yet the flames too overwhelming, matthew tkachuk's calls it a night of the moves in front of aaron dell that lights the lamp for calgary 3rd power play goal, flames win 6 to sharks at winnipeg sun friday. some nfl offseason news today, huge name hitting the open market this morng, philip rivers will not be resigning with the los angeles chargers and will become a free agent, this hands, his 16 year tenure with the franchise. the only team he's ever played for wherever he ends up the 38 ye-old brings a ton of credentials 6 in league history in career in passing yards and touchdown passes she's been to the playoffs 6 times but has never
10:53 pm
made it the super bowl and finally mar league basebl exploring some wide-scale changes to its postseason format in love going to reports league executives are considering implementing an expanded wild card round that increases the total number of teams from 10 to 1400 the proposals there would be 3 division winners and 4 wild-card teams in each league. the teams with the best record would have a first-round bye while the rest of the teams playing a best of 3 opening-round series and the division winners that don't have the best record straight. this is we are here they would be able to selecttheir wild-card opponent if approved a lot needs to happen this would go into effect in 2020 to tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president
10:54 pm
is better than the criminal in the white house. we all have progressive plans to address
10:55 pm
the big challenges facing our country. whatakes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach ato hold this lawless predent amaccountable.e. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate monein politics. as president, i'll declare clime change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the econo - anbeat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful an the unified voice of the american people.
10:56 pm
>>looking nice and clear around the bay area tonight out toward the golden gate bridge channel clouds to speak of no fog to speak of the winds. they're starting to pick up outside in the north bay. i want you look at some of the wind right now 31 miles per hour now in sonoma 20 and it is called go into the ship and all oakland. get the idea this is more of a north bay event tonight, the wind advisory in effect there tonight until 11 o'clock in the morning, the winds probably going to continue to pick up for least the next few hours and then subside as we head through tomorrow morning. temperatures are going to be the big story tomorrow though look at these numbers by the afternoon. middle of winter. we're looking at 75 and sunny in santa rosa, 73. in napa in
10:57 pm
concord 74 in livermore 70 in oakland beautiful 70 degrees in san jose about 66 degrees downtown san francisco. so it's going to be one of those gorgeous days that you want to get out there mayb have some lunch outside and enjoy plenty of sunshine spring-like temperatures out there looks like they'll remain warm, but begin to cool down a little bit more so on wednesday. a few more clouds come our way the winds start to kick up a little bit on valentine's day right now. no rain in sight for at least the next 7 possibly 10 days maybe even longer than that case all right lawrence, thank you thank you for being with us tonight at 10 have a good night everybody good night. te e
10:58 pm
isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send blions from pluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. apledging to make clean air and
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clean water a right for everyone, rerdless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. when mike first became mayor, there were places where black and brown chilen hadn't received an education for 30 years. mike said, "those are the kids i want to give an opportunity". increased teacher's salaries. he increased the graduation rates by 40%. he made schools safer all over this country. children aren't getting a quality education. mike is going to fight for all the ildren. i saw him do it in the largest school system in america. he's going to do the same thing in this country. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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narrator: in the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these viciouselonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. tag and bag as soon as the detectives are through. she's been out here long enough. what's up, doc? veronica tandy, 34 years old stabbed in the back, raped from behind. any fluids? not that i can see. we'll swab, hopefully find traces with the luma. i got a domestic homicide mid-town so i scheduled the autopsy later this afternoon. don't be late, yeah. don't be late.


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